FFASN1 Compiler


New features: XER encoding and open type support with table constraints.


FFASN1 is an ASN.1 compiler. It generates C code to implement ASN.1 encoders and decoders. It has the following features:



The FFASN1 compiler is commercial software. If you want to have an evaluation version or more information, contact me: .

ASN1 Message Converter and Editor


ffasn1dump is a free ASN.1 message converter and editor. This all-in-one tool of 200 KB contains the full ASN.1 compiler and encoders and decoders for the following encodings: BER, DER, aligned PER, unaligned PER, XER and GSER.

The FFASN1 compiler which generates C/C++ code uses exactly the same compiler but generates portable code which can be used in other projects. So you can use ffasn1dump to evaluate the capabilities of the FFASN1 compiler.



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