Changelog for TinyGL

version 0.4.1:

 - changed license to MIT
 - fixed compilation errors
 - fixed lighting bug
 - fixed color conversions

version 0.4

 - added 24/32 bit rendering support (Olivier Landemarre - F. Bellard)
 - fixed GL_TRIANGLE_STRIP (Olivier Landemarre)
 - added gl_malloc, gl_free, gl_zalloc wrappers (Olivier Landemarre)

version 0.3

 - added NanoX API (nglx) (F. Bellard)
 - added gears example and unified GUI in examples (F. Bellard)
 - added TGL_FEATURE_RENDER_BITS so that it will be possible to render
   natively in 15/16/24 or 32 bits. (F. Bellard)
 - interpolated lines (Olivier Landemarre)
 - fast no shading case (Olivier Landemarre)
 - fast no projection case (Olivier Landemarre)

version 0.2

 (F. Bellard)
 - added 24/32 bpp support. Added some features.h ifdefs.
 - fixed some error reporting cases in the examples
 - endianness is deduced from the glibc (BYTE_ORDER macro)

version 0.19

 (Peder Blekken)
 - new files BeOS/* src/msghandling.*, src/arrays.*, src/oscontext.c
     include/GL/oscontext.h src/features.h
 - added support for BeOS, see README.BEOS
 - added support for drawing convex polygons with unlimited # of vertices
 - added support for GL_LIGHT_MODEL_TWO_SIDE
 - added generic rotation code for glopRotate
 - added support for opengl 1.1 arrays
 - added support for glPolygonOffset, not implemented.
 - added glGetFloatv, limited support.
 - added some pnames for glGetIntegerv
 - added some empty functions in include/GL/gl.h to compile VRMLView
 - added GL_VERSION_1_1 define in include/GL/gl.h    
 - fixed "bug" when context->gl_resize_viewport is not set.
 - fixed bug in glBindTexture (didn't accept texture object 0)

version 0.1

 - Initial revision, Fabrice Bellard