BPG examples with alpha channel

[The BPG images are decoded in your browser with a small Javascript decoder]

Source: WEBP Lossless and Alpha Gallery (you can compare with the corresponding WEBP file sizes which we don't reproduce here). We include the PNG files for reference as this is what could be used on a web site to provide the alpha channel.

2.bpg 6356 bytes (qp=28)
2.png 41427 bytes (lossless)
2small.bpg 548 bytes (qp=28)
2small.png 2043 bytes (lossless)
3.bpg 10816 bytes (qp=28)
3.png 220991 bytes (lossless)
5.bpg 13401 bytes (qp=28)
5.png 130201 bytes (lossless)