BPG decoding tests

[The BPG images are decoded in your browser with a small Javascript decoder]

Image encoded in various color spaces:

RGB 4:4:4 (042-rgb.bpg)
YCgCo 4:2:0 (042-ycgco.bpg)
Grayscale (042-gray.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 (042-bt601.bpg)
YCbCr BT709 4:2:0 (042-bt709.bpg)
YCbCr BT2020 4:2:0 (042-bt2020.bpg)

Image encoded with limited component range (16-235 for luma/RGB, 16-240 for chroma):

RGB 4:4:4 limited range (042-rgb-l.bpg)
YCgCo 4:2:0 limited range (042-ycgco-l.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 limited range (042-bt601-l.bpg)
Grayscale limited range (042-gray-l.bpg)

Image encoded at different bit depth:

YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 10 bits (042-10b.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 12 bits (042-12b.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 14 bits (042-14b.bpg)

Variable chroma subsampling:

YCbCr BT601 4:2:2 (042-422.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:4:4 (042-444.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:0 (MPEG2) (042-420v.bpg)
YCbCr BT601 4:2:2 (MPEG2) (042-422v.bpg)

Alpha support:

Non-premultiplied alpha (3-320.bpg)
Premultiplied alpha (3-320p.bpg)

CMYK color space (YCbCrW 4:2:0) (CMYK.bpg) (source):

Note: a compliant BPG decoder must be able to display all the images in this page.