LibBF Library



LibBF is a small library to handle arbitrary precision floating point numbers. Its compiled size is about 90 KB of x86 code and has no dependency on other libraries. It is not the fastest library nor the smallest but it tries to be simple while using asymptotically optimal algorithms. The basic arithmetic operations have a near linear running time.

The TinyPI example computes billions of digits of Pi using the Chudnovsky formula.




Source code: libbf-2020-01-19.tar.gz.

Windows executables of TinyPI:

TinyPI is also included in the RISCVEMU Javascript demo

Technical documentation

Related projects

QuickJS relies on LibBF to handle the BigInt, BigFloat and BigDecimal numbers.

Arbitrary precision floating point libraries:

Other small open source programs to compute large number of digits of PI: Larger and faster programs to compute PI:


It is released under the MIT license.
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