A generic Linux Soft Modem

The source code: linmodem-0.2.5.tgz

This program is for developpers only ! It does nothing useful yet. I won't answer to any mail saying: why does my XXXX modem not work with linmodem ? . Look at the linmodems.org site to see if there is a working driver for your modem.

Here is the generic Linux Modem. This modem is totally software, it means that all the DSP stuff is done by the main CPU, as in some so called "winmodems".

What's done

Current priority

I am working on the V34 code so that it can work at moderate speeds ( >= 9600 bps). I am working on the V22 protocol too since parts of it are necessary for the initial V34 negociation.

What can you do ?

Here are the tasks that you could do (with the name of the person who has requested to work on it):
Fabrice Bellard - http://bellard.org/
last update: Mar 6, 2000