LTE Base Station Software


LTEENB allows to build a real 4G LTE base station (called an eNodeB) using a standard PC and a low cost software radio frontend. All the physical layer and protocol layer processing is done in real time inside the PC, so no dedicated LTE hardware is necessary. The latest release from Amarisoft supports the new NB-IoT standard.

LTEENB is provided with a complete Evolved Packet Core (EPC) so that it can work without an existing LTE network behind it. In short, it is possible to use it like a Wifi access point. The EPC contains the following programs:

Example configuration

PCCore i7 at 2.93 GHz.
Software radio frontendPCIe SDR board or USRP N210.
RF configurationBand 7 (2600 MHz FDD), 20 MHz bandwidth.
User EquipmentHuawei E398 USB dongle (Qualcomm MDM9200 chipset)
SIM cardAnritsu Test USIM card

Potential use


The LTE eNodeB software is commercialized by Amarisoft.

A UE simulator is now available. It simulates hundreds of terminals sharing the same antenna. It uses the same hardware configuration as the LTE eNodeB.

An embebbed NB-IoT modem based on Amarisoft UE software.


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