A Patch for mpg123 on 486DX PCs


Why not use your old 486 PC as a jukebox ? This is now possible with this patch to mpg123 which may enable it to play MPEG audio layer 3 (.mp3) files in real time. Note that this optimization is only currently supported for Linux.

The newest version (patch level 1) can play MPEG audio layer 3 files at 22.1 kHz in stereo even on a 486DX2/66.


The following table gives the performance of mpg123-486pl1 on an MPEG audio layer3 file at 112 kbit/s.

Processor 22 kHz - stereo 44 kHz - mono 44 kHz - stereo
486DX50 No (almost !) OK (80% CPU) No
486DX2/66 OK should work Not yet (almost !)
486DX4/100 OK OK OK


Download the sources: mpg123-0.59o-486pl1.tar.gz and read the README & README.i486 files.


The original mpg123 player (written by Michael Hipp et al.) can be found here .

If you have any questions or suggestions, write to fabrice.bellard at free.fr

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last update: May 26, 1998