Binary digits of PI

Note: the current record is held by the PiHex project at 10^15 binary digits since Sept 11, 2000.

(Sept 22 1997)
The 1000 billionth binary digit of Pi is '1'.

(Oct 7 1996)
The 100 billionth (100*10^9) hexadecimal digits of PI are : 9C381872D27596F81D0E48B95A6C46

(Jul 6 1996)
The 50 billionth (50*10^9) hexadecimal digits of PI are : 1A10A49B3E2B82A4404F9193AD4EB6

An article in the issue of January 1997 of Pour la Science (french version of Scientific American) mentions this record.

These calculus have been done and verified during the idle time of ten DEC Alpha stations. I have used the results of the paper "On the rapid computation of various polylogarithmic constants" by David Bailey, Peter Borwein and Simon Plouffe . I have used 144-bit arithmetic to achieve the precision needed. You can look at the Inverse Symbolic Calculator page the table of records of computation for some well-known constants . Simon Plouffe's home page contains many interesting links about pi.

Warning : I have assumed that the first hexadecimal digit of pi was ranked 0, e.g. if pi=(3.243F6A8...)16, the third digit of pi is "F".
I know this is not the right convention :)