QEmacs Changelog

version 0.3.3:

- fixed HTML mode in 64 bit mode
- added C-x s save-buffer mapping

version 0.3.2:

- make the code compile again with recent gcc

version 0.3.1:

- SPACE in minibuffer does completion only if a completion method is
- better C-x k support (initial patch by Manuel Novoa III)
- added set-tab-width, set-indent-width and set-indent-tabs-mode
- probe mode for new file (patch by Manuel Novoa III)
- force blocking mode for tty (patch by Manuel Novoa III)
- improved image mode (full alpha channel support, full conversion,
  use improved FFmpeg image conversion routines).
- video mode can change audio and video chanels.

version 0.3:

- added Latex mode (Martin Hedenfalk)
- added '/' in directory completion (Martin Hedenfalk)
- fixed offset when loading buffer (Martin Hedenfalk)
- error when loading DLL (Martin Hedenfalk)
- added toggle full screen command (bound to C-x f or f if suitable)
  (useful for image/video modes)
- added toggle-mode-line.
- various image/video mode fixes.
- began separating the libqhtml library from the qemacs core

version 0.3pre13:

- added FFmpeg based image and audio/video modes.
- added C-o, M-d, M-backspace, C-g for minibuffer exit and space for
  completion in minibuffer (thanks to Leigh L. Klotz).
- 'Busy' state is indicated with a 'B' in status (-B:--).
- when installing, 'qemacs' is standard name, and 'qe' is a link.
- added custom configure script.
- added emacs-like quit confirmation (ask to save each file).
- added S-TAB key.
- fixed shell bug if multiple window (tab_size must be set to 8).
- added [down|up]case-[word|region] commands.
- added HebrewIsraeli keymap

version 0.3pre12:

- added C-x C-x.
- XML/HTML/CSS2: many bug fixes, improved inline formatting quality.
- improved DocBook support.
- (re)activated full bidi handling in HTML/CSS2 mode. Added support
  for RLO/LRO/RLE/LRO/PDF and associated CSS properties. Added
  'bidi-mode' CSS property for bidi algorithm testing.
- added documentation in qe-doc.html.
- added 'set-system-font' configuration command (see config.eg) and
  added font fallback support if unknown chars in current font.
- new charset system. Added fully supported 'C-x RET f' to select
  buffer charset (without modifying the actual buffer content) and
  'convert-buffer-file-coding-system' to convert the charset of a
  buffer to another charset (modify the buffer content).
- added many common charsets including ISO-8859-x, shift JIS and
- added double buffer for x11 display.
- (re)activated FBF font renderer for standalone versions.
- added test tool html2png.

version 0.3pre11:

- center display on cursor for isearch & replace. Repost key for
  isearch (emacs behaviour).
- added XML mode (colorizing of TAGs, javascript and style sheets).
- far better XML/HTML/CSS2 support, including parametric 'content:' property.
- added WYSIWYG DocBook mode (first use of generic CSS2 qemacs
  renderer outside HTML mode).

version 0.3pre10:

- swapped C-v & M-v (Mark Burton)
- added wheel mouse support (Laurent Charriere)
- added paragraph functions (M-q, M-{, M-}).
- added find-alternate-file (C-x C-v)
- added default path in all file commands.
- selection only changes bg & fg color.
- first HTML selection display code.
- fixed left key handling in column zero.

version 0.3pre9:

- css: faster properties handling, added 'content' property and pseudo
  selectors, better identifier handling.
- html: added error buffer '*xml-error*'.

version 0.3pre8:

- added help (Ctrl-h ...)
- better isearch support (case/word, last search)
- added bufed mode (C-x C-b)
- simplified lists handling & added mouse support
- improved completion (can use mouse & up/down to select entry)
- windows version compiles (still no display)
- added dynamic modules support (optionnal, since it adds many symbols)

version 0.3pre7:

- enabled multiple simultaneous shell (use M-x shell several times)
- added X11 mouse handling
- added X11 selection handling
- added buffer flags (readonly, system, savelog)
- added prototype dired mode (C-x C-d)

version 0.3pre6:

- small fixes in shell mode.
- compile fixes in x11.c
- reactivated HTML/CSS renderer.
- add TinyC compile script (see qe.tcc)

version 0.2 - first public release

version 0.1 - initial alpha release

Copyright (c) 2001, 2002 Fabrice Bellard
Fabrice Bellard - fabrice.bellard at free.fr - http://bellard.org/