TinyEMU RISC-V Buildroot



This page provides Buildroot patches to do the following:

Note: The development version of Buildroot now supports RISC-V 64, but it lacks 32 bit support and several other features from this buildroot port.


Buildroot archive: buildroot-riscv-2018-10-20.tar.gz


We assume the installation is done on a Linux host. It was tested with a Fedora 21 x86_64 distribution.

  1. Untar the buildroot-riscv-xxxx-yy-zz.tar.gz archive.
  2. Copy the default RISC-V 64 or RISC-V 32 configuration:
          cp configs/riscv64_defconfig .config
          cp configs/riscv32_defconfig .config
    (The X Window configurations used for JSLinux are available in riscv64_xwin_defconfig and riscv32_xwin_defconfig. More packages are enabled so the compilation is longer)
  3. Edit the configuration and save it (you can change nothing as a first try):
          make menuconfig
  4. Generate the image (it takes a few minutes with the default configuration):
  5. If you want to run the generated image with TinyEMU: