TSAC: Very Low Bitrate Audio Compression

TSAC is an audio compression utility reaching very low bitrates such as 5.5 kb/s for mono or 7.5 kb/s for stereo at 44.1 kHz with a good perceptual quality. Hence TSAC compresses a 3.5 minute stereo song to a file of 192 KiB.

An Nvidia GPU is necessary for fast operation. CPU only is also supported but slower.

Compression Results

The audio extracts are from here.

Waiting (Pops):

stereo 7.26 kb/s
mono 5.61 kb/s
stereo 2.99 kb/s

Greatest_Love_of_All_2min57 (Pops):

stereo 6.79 kb/s
mono 5.02 kb/s
stereo 2.84 kb/s

9-Have-big-expensive-car.441 (Pops):

stereo 7.81 kb/s
mono 5.91 kb/s
stereo 3.25 kb/s

21-classic.441 (Classic):

stereo 6.21 kb/s
mono 4.71 kb/s
stereo 2.57 kb/s

4-Sound-English-male.441 (Voice):

mono 6.79 kb/s
mono 3.74 kb/s
mono 2.18 kb/s


Technical information

Fabrice Bellard - https://bellard.org/